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Swedish global brand, SWEP has come to have some of the most efficient heat transfer technologies on the market through their brazed plate heat exchangers.
All their products are guaranteed a long lifecycle through a rigorous laboratory test of each heat exchanger delivered – coating adhesion, mechanical fatigue, burst, pull force, and torque.

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Heat exchangers

SWEP E5AS Heat Exchanger


  • Application: residential heating
  • Optimized for: hot tap water production in boilers and efficient heat transfer
  • Starting from: 60 Euro
SWEP B15T Heat Exchanger


  • Application: district heating
  • Optimized for: efficient operation even at extremely small temperature differences
  • Starting from: 130 Euro
SWEP V120T Heat Exchanger


  • Application: air conditioning
  • Optimized for: operating efficiently with many types of refrigerants
  • Starting from: 902 Euro

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