SWEP Technology

Swedish global brand, SWEP is a world leader in brazed plate heat exchangers’ field.

Through continuous research and innovation SWEP has come to have the most efficient heat transfer technologies.

SWEP offers today the most pertinent competitive advantage and the best value for the customer.

SWEP AsyMatrix – Symmetrical configurationSWEP AsyMatrix – Asymmetrical configuration

The benefits of AsyMatrix technology

Less material, less energy, better performance, higher efficiency

  • AsyMatrix is SWEP’s innovative asymmetric plate design technology for BPHEs. The asymmetric channel configuration smartly combines maximum heat transfer on the refrigerant side with minimum pressure drop on the secondary side.
  • The increased energy efficiency and better use of the structural material compared with conventional heat exchangers delivers a more sustainable solution in suitable applications.

In an asymmetric BPHE, the same mass flows through the heat exchanger as in a symmetric one. However the asymmetrical patterns on the plates enable optimized pressure and heat transfers to be achieved on both sides. This optimal utilisation of pressure drops means less energy is wasted.

The benefits

  • The performance of an AsyMatrix BPHE is no longer limited by the pressure drop, and fewer plates can be used.
  • AsyMatrix technology reduces the hold-up volume of the inner circuit by up to 30%.
  • AsyMatrix requires a smaller charge of R410A, which saves money on refrigerant and helps manufacturers comply with European environmental legislation.
  • The narrow refrigerant channels increase heat transfer and efficiency.
  • The pressure drop is lower (by some 30% compared with the DP400 in normal chiller cases). This means less load on the secondary fluid pump and an improved COP.

Case Studies

How SWEP AsyMatrix improves performance


To achieve high cooling capacity, fluid flows in chillers are high. However, the high flow increases the pressure drop meaning more energy is needed for pumping. This reduces the system’s overall efficiency.

AsyMatrix allows the pressure drop on the secondary side to be reduced while maintaining good heat transfer.


  • By increasing the evaporation temperature by 1K, the DP300 contributes to a 3% higher coefficient of performance / energy efficiency ratio for the chiller.
  • For a chiller with a load of 200 kW and 3000 operating hours/year, the annual savings will be about 5000 kWh, or around EUR 500.
  • The DP300 has a high heat load capacity of 12.5 kW/m2, which means it uses around 25% less material than a comparable conventional BPHE.

Domestic gas-boilers

AsyMatrix offers a genuinely asymmetric solution, with two thermally different sides resulting in:

  • Improved heat transfer on the tap water side
  • Lower pressure drop on the central heating side
  • Fewer plates needed
  • More compact than conventional technology
  • Smaller and lighter BPHE means less pumping capacity is needed in central heating circuits

SWEP BPHEs are guaranteed a long lifecycle through a rigorous laboratory test of each heat exchanger delivered – coating adhesion, mechanical fatigue, burst, pull force, and torque

ISO Certificates

All SWEP BPHEs are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

International approvals

All SWEP heat exchangers are delivered with full traceability and verified functionality

AHRI Certification

Verified performance for your HVAC solutions

AHRI Certified Logo

AHRI’s certification programs – the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute – demonstrate to government, building owners, and homeowners that equipment performance claims have been independently measured and verified, instilling consumer confidence and enabling fair product comparisons.

To be certified, manufacturers’ products undergo testing by independent laboratories under contract to AHRI.
Equipment and components are evaluated using the appropriate industry standard to certify that manufacturers’ published performance ratings are accurate.

Only upon performance verification can manufacturers apply one of AHRI’s certification marks to the certified product to serve as visual statements of conformance.

If you are looking for the additional security of third-party verified performance, SWEP A range is the choice. As the first brazed plate heat exchangers to be certified by AHRI, they are well suited for HVAC, District Heating and District Cooling applications.

SWEP A range is certified in the AHRI certification program Liquid to Liquid Brazed & Fusion Bonded Plate Heat Exchangers.

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