Watch out

Throughout this series of articles we’ll try to help you avoid mistakes and dishonest sales tactics when choosing your heat exchanger.

BPHE Pressure & Temperature Diagram

BPHE sub dimensioning

BPHE sub dimensioning is a known and, unfortunately, a frequent sales technique used in this domain. There are companies which choose to sub dimension the BPHEs they offer with 25% to 35% to achieve a lower selling price.

Read on and we’ll show you how to protect yourself against these practices.

Caleffi impurities separator

BPHE clogging

The heat exchanger’s clogging always leads to expenses – it will suffer a decrease in efficiency or it will even break, in which case the cost of replacement can be very high.

Brazed vs gasket plate heat exchangers

Gasket vs brazed PHEs

Heat exchanger distributors will often claim that gasket heat exchangers are a better solution then the brazed ones. Their main argument is that in the case of clogging or breaking you can dismantle the heat exchanger plate by plate and wash them or replace the broken ones.

We’ll prove to you that it is not advantageous to do so.