We try hard to offer you the best BPHE sollution at the lowest price – this means the right one with the lowest cost throughout its life cycle.

This is our focus. And it payed off.

We pride ourselves with the fact that we’ve managed to outclass some of our competitors by looking further than the immediate acquisition costs.

By considering all the factors associated – acquisition and operating costs, efficiency, reliability – we’ve convinced our clients of the higher long-term value of our solutions.

From the beginning it was very clear to us that our only chance is to deliver and uphold our offer for the best BPHEs solutions

New-comers, but ambitious

  • We’ve gained SWEP’s trust throughout our collaboration and through our vision for the future.
  • We’ll continue to overcome the expectations to maintain this trust.


  • We know you might have never heard of us. But take this as a guarantee that we’ll try twice as hard to come up with the right solution for you.
  • We stay by you – we’ll always answer your questions and inquiries and we always deliver and uphold our offers.

Experienced and eager

  • We are young, but not inexperienced.
  • Together we have over 20 years of relevant experience.

Our promise – we’ll offer you the most efficient heat exchanger solutions with the smallest life time costs.

You might have heard this promise from other dealers as well, but can they uphold it?


SWEP Heat Exchangers

As you’ve read by now, we aim to offer the most efficient heat exchanger with the lowest cost throughout its life cycle. But we would not be able to make and keep this promise without SWEP.

Almost 40 years ago, in a garage in Sweden, two people were looking for a thermal transfer solution more efficient then shell & tube. Those two people invented the plate heat exchangers, a technology that outperformed in the end any other heat exchanger technology in terms of heat transfer efficiency, and thus founded this company.
SWEP’s goal has become the constant developing of the best heat transfer sollution.

When we started this project we inquired about the leading heat exchanger manufacturers and in the end we chose SWEP as our partner in offering premium solutions. You can read here more about our reasons and about SWEP’s technological innovations.

SWEP by THEC is our integrated offer consisting of highly efficient heat exchangers and our qualified expertise and support. Together with SWEP we are confident we can offer you the best services in the heat transfer domain.

Don’t choose us based just on our words!