SWEP B20 is an ultra-compact single circuit heat exchanger targeting heat pumps. Its large ports and innovative plate design enables an effective operating range up to 20 kW.

SWEP B20 is delivering 30% less water pressure drop and a tighter temperature approach compared to similar products on the market. It is optimized for high performance with the refrigerants R410A & R32.

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Item codeNumber of
PricePrice quote
B20Hx24/1P-NSC-M 9.65+16+2x1"&22U24222.00 EuroGet instant price
B20Hx32/1P-NSC-M 9.65+16+2x1"&22U32243.00 EuroGet instant price
B20Hx40/1P-NSC-M 9.65+16+2x1"&22U40266.00 EuroGet instant price
B20Hx52/1P-NSC-M 9.65+16+2x1"&22U52302.00 EuroGet instant price
B20Hx58/1P-NSC-M 9.65+16+2x1"&22U58322.00 EuroGet instant price
B20Hx70/1P-NSC-M 9.65+16+2x1"&22U70355.00 EuroGet instant price
B20Hx76/1P-NSC-M 9.65+16+2x1"&22U76373.00 EuroGet instant price

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