SWEP B427 has four different plate types, making it easy to adapt for a wide variety of heating and industrial applications.

With 4" connections it handles up to 156 m3/h (686 gpm) water flow.

If you need help choosing the model, then you can size and customize it here or you can contact us here.

Item codeNumber of
PricePrice quote
B427Hx120/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs1204.228,00 EuroComandă
B427Hx140/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs1404.582,00 EuroComandă
B427Hx160/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs1604.932,00 EuroComandă
B427Hx180/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs1805.284,00 EuroComandă
B427Hx200/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs2005.636,00 EuroComandă
B427Hx240/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs2406.342,00 EuroComandă
B427Hx280/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs2807.045,00 EuroComandă
B427Hx300/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs3007.397,00 EuroComandă
B427Hx320/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs3207.752,00 EuroComandă
B427Hx340/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs3408.102,00 EuroComandă
B427Hx360/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs3608.453,00 EuroComandă
B427Hx380/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs3808.805,00 EuroComandă
B427Hx400/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs4009.157,00 EuroComandă
B427Lx120/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs1204.228,00 EuroComandă
B427Lx140/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs1404.582,00 EuroComandă
B427Lx160/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs1604.932,00 EuroComandă
B427Lx200/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs2005.636,00 EuroComandă
B427Lx240/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs2406.387,00 EuroComandă
B427Lx280/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs2807.045,00 EuroComandă
B427M1x120/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs1204.228,00 EuroComandă
B427M1x140/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs1404.582,00 EuroComandă
B427M1x160/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs1604.932,00 EuroComandă
B427M1x180/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs1805.284,00 EuroComandă
B427M1x200/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs2005.636,00 EuroComandă
B427M1x240/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs2406.342,00 EuroComandă
B427M1x280/1P-SC-S / 4xDN100C cs2807.045,00 EuroComandă

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