SWEP B80 is the perfect choice for most types of low-capacity chiller applications and high-performance heat pumps. The heat exchanger is made with stainless steel brazing.

It covers a wide capacity range in district heating substations and is a proven oil cooler for compressors and hydraulics.

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Item codeNumber of
PricePrice quote
B80SHx20/1P-SPS-M 4x1 1/4"&28U201,322.00 EuroGet instant price
B80SHx30/1P-SPS-M 4x1 1/4"&28U301,542.00 EuroGet instant price
B80SHx40/1P-SPS-M 4x1 1/4"&28U401,762.00 EuroGet instant price
B80SHx50/1P-SPS-M 4x1 1/4"&28U501,978.00 EuroGet instant price
B80SHx60/1P-SPS-M 4x1 1/4"&28U602,197.00 EuroGet instant price
B80SHx80/1P-SPS-M 4x1 1/4"&28U802,636.00 EuroGet instant price
B80SHx100/1P-SPS-M 4x1 1/4"&28U1003,074.00 EuroGet instant price

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