SWEP B85AS is built on the B85 platform and adds the advantages of SWEP’s patented AsyMatrix technology. It offers increased thermal performance and reduced pressure drop.

SWEP B85AS is a high-performance evaporator with a high efficiency.

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Item codeNumber of
PricePrice quote
B85ASHx26/1P-NSC-M 12.8+16+2x1 1/4"&28U26336.00 EuroGet instant price
B85ASHx34/1P-NSC-M 12.8+16+2x1 1/4"&28U34383.00 EuroGet instant price
B85ASHx40/1P-NSC-M 12.8+16+2x1 1/4"&28U40418.00 EuroGet instant price
B85ASHx46/1P-NSC-M 12.8+16+2x1 1/4"&28U46446.00 EuroGet instant price
B85ASHx50/1P-NSC-M 12.8+16+2x1 1/4"&28U50477.00 EuroGet instant price

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