The versatile and very compact SWEP E8T delivers improved heat transfer for the majority of wall-hung, non-condensing boiler applications.

The E8T has an All-Active plate pack with front and back plates that give mechanical stability while remaining active heat transfer plates. This enables the E8T to transfer more heat using less material.

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Item codeNumber of
PricePrice quote
E8THx10/1P-SC-S 4x3/4"(20)1077.00 EuroGet instant price
E8THx14/1P-SC-S 4x3/4"(20)1492.00 EuroGet instant price
E8THx20/1P-SC-S 4x3/4"(20)20105.00 EuroGet instant price
E8THx24/1P-SC-S 4x3/4"(20)24107.00 EuroGet instant price
E8THx30/1P-SC-S 4x3/4"(20)30137.00 EuroGet instant price
E8THx40/1P-SC-S 4x3/4"(20)40162.00 EuroGet instant price
E8THx24/1P-SC-S 4x3/4"(12)24118.00 EuroGet instant price
E8THx30/1P-SC-S 4x3/4"(12)30143.00 EuroGet instant price

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