SWEP V25T delivers efficient heat exchange solutions across a wide capacity interval, and is quick and simple to adapt for numerous applications. The product’s versatility and excellent heat transfer make it ideal for demanding cooling applications and as a reversible condenser and cascade in two-phase applications.

The V-ring refrigerant distribution system ensures optimal performance as an evaporator in both counterand co-current configurations and with larger plate packs.

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PricePrice quote
V25THx30/1P-SC-M 12.8+22U+2x1"&22U30457.00 EuroGet instant price
V25THx40/1P-SC-M 12.8+22U+2x1"&22U40552.00 EuroGet instant price
V25THx50/1P-SC-M 12.8+22U+2x1"&22U50642.00 EuroGet instant price

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