SWEP V26 is based on the B26 high-performance condenser with SWEP’s AsyMatrix technology.

The V-ring refrigerant distribution system is adapted for reversible air-to-water heat pumps and ensures optimal performance as an evaporator in reversed mode. The distribution system does not impact functionality or performance during condenser operation.

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Item codeNumber of
PricePrice quote
V26Hx34/1P-NC-M 12.8+16+2x1"&22U34375.00 EuroGet instant price
V26Hx44/1P-NC-M 12.8+16+2x1"&22U44442.00 EuroGet instant price
V26Hx50/1P-NC-M 12.8+16+2x1"&22U50478.00 EuroGet instant price
V26Hx60/1P-NC-M 12.8+16+2x1"&22U60542.00 EuroGet instant price
V26Hx74/1P-NC-M 12.8+16+2x1"&22U74632.00 EuroGet instant price

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